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Jacksonville Searchlights and Spotlights


At SkyTracker Florida we have spotlight rentals that can be used for multiple events for a great price. We have the single beam AD LIGHT which can be plugged into a regular outlet. We have single beams made by Skycannon that also can be plugged into the standard outlets found at homes or businesses. Then we have 2 beam and 4 beam SkyTrackers that are self contained mounted on trailers with generators to run them, so that no electricity is to required. These spot lights can be seen from miles away. Not only are these lights bright but they are easy to maneuver into any location. They can be placed on the ground, roof, and into any tight fitting area. The great thing about these lights is the fact that electricity is not mandatory, due to the generator that comes with some of the lights. Anywhere from 2 to 4 beams these lights are magnificent and will be sure to capture attention. Also these searchlights are an awesome addition to the outdoor advertising you are already doing. Tent events, graduations, sporting events, Pro Basketball games, night clubs, special sales, night advertising is the best way to get your event noticed.


Search Lights Jacksonville Florida

These searchlights will be sure to capture the eyes of many with the rotating lights that create a high quality affect. Depending on what you are looking for, you can rent the search lights as a single beam or combine the light heads for an even more extravagant look. Cloudy days are the best for the beam to be seen. These searchlights do an amazing job at attracting people to come and visit you business. If your driving down the street and you see huge lights flashing brightly you are sure to stop by the store and check out their store items. So call us today and get your searchlight at a great affordable price.

Also available, we have mobile trailer mounted L.E.D. signs. These signs are eye catching and can be used in many places. Electricity is not required with these signs because some models come with generators which makes them more convenient. The mobile L.E.D. signs can fit a lot text on the sign in order to attract the customer. The text on the sign can be seen from a far distance. Also, these programmable L.E.D. signs continue to show the text for hours, which allows the message to be seen at all hours of the day.


Jacksonville Searchlights and Spotlights


Our LED Sings are eye catching and can be animated with your message! We now offer Full Color LED signs that can play most all media including video and photos. Our mobile L.E.D. signs are great for a lot of events including grand openings, sales, and any other special event. These mobile L.E.D. signs have proven to be very helpful and will attract a lot of business. Or if you need to have traffic control with directional signs, this is no problem because we can have the sign make an arrow and say turn here or park over there. These signs are so versatile and we can deliver them anywhere in the Southeast USA. Georgia, Alabama, and North, South Carolina is no problem.





Jacksonville Inflatable Sale Balloon Rental

The amount of items we have is endless. One of our most popular items are the inflatable advertising balloons that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, characters and colors. These inflatable balloons can be seen from miles away and can be fit to help sell any product and attract attention to your store or event. With our custom made banners it is possible to advertise anything possible. Inflatable balloons are great for tent events, grand openings, promotional sales, concerts, sporting events, sales, and other special events.







The giant helium Cloudbuster balloons balloons range from 4 to blimps that are 16 long and can be reused over and over again. These helium balloons are the ones that you see at car dealer sales, tent events or the eye catching advertising you could use to get people coming your way. These fly above your event at 110 feet with the standard pennant line with the decorative flags. We can customize the reusable PVC helium balloons for an extra charge (call for pricing). We can just add text to the balloon or your logo and depending on the complexity maybe even a picture. All these advertising inflatable products are such a good value that they are very popular. You must always keep in mind that high winds and strong sun will reduce the flying time. Also, if the balloon is starting to come down near trees or buildings you need to take care of them and bring them in or add more helium. All in all, these are well worth the money for the events. Promoters often call these Eye Candy for their Event, especially if you mix up the colors and pennant lines.




The advertising flags are an great way to get people to look at you property and space them out to get the message across. Also standing at 10-14 tall they will stand above the shrubs or cars to get the visibility you need. These signs are plain colors or we can also put your name or short message. The special order signs are digitally printed and can be made in different shapes from tear drop to the standard flag as pictured.





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